Ladies Won't Wait

Derived from the original plot of Ladies Won't Wait by Peter Cheyney and freely adapted by Willie Christie

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LOGLINE: Noir, Mystery Thriller.

'Terminated' US agent, dogs a dark trail of treachery and deceit across Europe when he stumbles upon a Russian conspiracy to trade a kidnapped man, for a nuclear scientist who is not all he is supposed to be.





Japan, 1945 - The sights and sounds of the atomic bomb. Voice over from American MIKE KELLS leads us into his story, emphasizing his love for his wife, KATHERINE.


1941, Paris - Agent KELLS deals with the occupying German forces as a 'collaborationist' at his jazz club. When the club closes, he meets with British agent 'ROCKIE' ROCKHURST. Walking home Kells is momentarily distracted as Katherine is literally 'disappeared' on the street.


Germany, 1948 - Rockie can't lose a 'tail' so makes a run for it. The tail, amongst others is RIESMAN, a German/American freelance 'eliminator'. Later believing he has escaped, Rockie flags down a car, realizing too late that it's Riesman.


Meanwhile in Paris, Kells despite having retired and drinking heavily, is 'contacted' by a woman who arranges a secret meet up. He's hooked only by her mention of Katherine. At the time and place he finds the woman murdered. The apartment is torched and he barely escapes with his life.


He returns to London and his old section. He meets new top man, KIMBERLEY. Both Britain and Russia are searching for a brilliant German physicist - AVERSTEIN - to 'join' their nuclear programs. It seems somehow, that Katherine, Averstein and Rockie - all separately missing - are somehow interconnected. An exchange is suspected.


Having no clues, Kells finds an opening and his quest begins. Getting ever closer, he meets a cast of bizarre and off-beat characters as several highly unusual attempts are made on his life. He realizes there must be an 'Insider'. No one is to be trusted. Averstein meanwhile, is naively being taken to Paris - hitting many problems 'en route' - by a mysterious German.


The race is on! The trail leads him to Hamburg and Sweden. He begins to suspect that London is behind Rockie's disappearance and he discovers strange facts about Katherine.


He exposes one 'insider' but still facts don't add up. There is a second! He falls for a 'set-up' and becomes paralysed. Riesman then shoots him full of morphine. He survives by chance and his own resources.


Back in Paris he unknowingly sits next to Averstein at a concert. Realizing his mistake too late, he follows Averstein to Normandy where the exchange is set to take place. Again there is cross and double-cross. There is even an ironic twist to Kells winning the day! But...


Kells and Riesman meet for a surprising showdown. Before dropping Riesman, he discovers what happened to Rockie and how London is involved. Kells confronts Kimberley but he is powerless against the powers that be. Kimberley is later killed by a sniper - It is Kells.


A month later Kells plays his piano as TWO YOUNG SECTION MEN - fully armed - head up his stairs. To have their revenge...


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